Global Alliance

Leadership. Character. Unity. Drawing Closer to God. 


With a focus on prayer, utilizing spiritual gifts in every dimension, and common-sense training in core areas of Finances, Emotional Management and Biblical Principles, Global Alliance is a collection of Ministries and Ministers who function independently but support one another.

  • Building bonds

    To unify the church, locally and internationally, Global Alliance is dedicated to building strong spiritual bonds through training, serving, sharing and communicating.

  • Providing guidance

    Leaders and ministers require mentoring, leadership training, development and support. Global Alliance is dedicated to building, fostering, and restoring those who serve God and others daily.

  • Facilitating Growth

    Growth in ministry is not about a financial “Return on Investment”; it’s about touching lives, being balanced, and meeting goals for helping others. Global Alliance teaches ministers to rely on inspiration, be clear-minded, wholehearted, strategic, and focused.

Alliance Members

  • Illuminating Love

    Kelly Roy-Williams

    New Hampshire

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    Stephen and Florence Mwangi

    Nairobi, Kenya

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    Vinita Shaw

    New Delhi, India

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    Daniel and Rosemary Moore

    Wells, Maine

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  • Fountain of Life Church

    Pastor Nathan and Kathy Searles

    Laconia, New Hampshire

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