By your Testimony

11/17/2017  - 

There is no doubt of the anointing on this Healing Room and those delivering words of love and peace. I have received words of encouragement, truth, and love; words I desperately needed. For this I am forever grateful. Danielle

11/18/2017  - 

Can only give testimony to the last time I was here. We prayed for my son Brian, who died (and revived) from a heroin overdose. He is doing awesome in rehab and has God on his side. Thank you. Karen

11/18/2017  - 

Jesus has heard my fears and has taken the burden from my shoulders. He has reminded me that he is always there for me, all I have to do is believe. He has brought me peace and forgiveness in myself and others. Dorren

12/16/2017  -

The peace of God beyond all understanding has filled my body and mind. I don't often experience such a peace. Thank you, Jesus! The ladies that prayed for me are so amazing, so loving, so anointed. I'm so grateful to them, that they are so eager to serve our Lord and to bless those of us who need healing. I listened to "everything" these ladies prayed over me and I will put it into practice. Thank you all! Lisa

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