Where there is no vision, the people perish - Proverbs 29:18
Vision: A mental picture of what tomorrow will look like. Our vision consists of ministering in three major directions:

upward, inward and outward. We desire to be a church that is:

Upward: to God
1. Fulfilling Jesus’ passion to be a house of prayer, advancing the kingdom of God through intercession and spiritual warfare.
2. Functioning as royal priests, offering to God worship, fasting, prayer and the study of His Word.

Inward: to the Saints
1. Developing a healthy community of faith by offering the following opportunities: 
Small groups such as weekly cell groups meeting in homes
Support groups for those struggling with various addictions and brokenness

2. Offering ongoing educational and training programs for family relationships including:
Single Parenting
Family Financial Responsibility

3. Providing children’s ministry for all ages.

4. Imparting salvation for the whole man; spirit, soul and body.

5.Establishing continuing Christian Education through:
Bible College

6.Developing spiritual leaders through:

Outward: to Others
1.Impacting the community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing:
Street ministry outreaches and participating in civic activities
Transportation services for the poor in surrounding cities
A place of refuge for unwed mothers, displaced youth, the homeless, etc.
Care for the elderly through nursing home outreach and visitation
Visitation and ministry to the imprisoned and their families
Food and clothing for those in need

2.Infiltrating the atmosphere with the Gospel through the various aspects of media such as:
Internet communications  (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Skype)
Publishing (Blogs)
Recording studio

3.Obeying the Great Commission by evangelizing and church planting throughout New England and to the ends of the earth.

4.Taking the Gospel global by establishing international churches through the release of trained ministry teams.