global alliance

Global Alliance is a group of ministries and ministers who support one another. We focus on prayer, using spiritual gifts in every dimension, and commonsense training in core areas of finances, emotional management and biblical principles.



Our focus is to build character, raise up biblical leaders, create unity in the global Church of Christ, and draw closer to God in servitude towards Him. We pray that the church as a whole, locally and globally, will align to the truth of His Word. May His Truth be the foundation in which our leaders teach and preach on with unwavering courage. Our mission is dedicated to building up strong, godly leaders to share the gospel of peace in a world of chaos and confusion.

Alliance MEMBERS

  • Allen w. Cook

    Senior Pastor

    Grace Ministries International

    Brentwood, NH

  • Stephen mwangi

  • Vinita Shaw

    Disha Foundation

    New Dehli, India