The Lord opened my eyes to what's going on in my heart and deposited His healing. I will walk it out by spending time and resting in Him daily. 


First, I received communion and then anointing oil. I like that. Then I received the laying on of hands and prayer. God spoke words of knowledge, and all were good and accurate. I loved knowing His presence was in this place. 



Today Jesus set me free from emotional pain and trauma, and healed my body. He also filled me with His love and gave me supernatural rest. 



Jesus is Lord of Lords and King of Kings, and He left us the Holy Spirit to heal and deliver us all! I was so blessed today and have been set free!



After receiving the healing prayer, I felt a lightness in my stomach, where before it was tight and heavy. My body became less tense and loosened up. I believe God worked to remove my pain and illness. 



For my first healing prayer, much was revealed and much more to be addressed. This has given me direction to not hold onto what I am not supposed to hold onto. Jesus’ yoke is easier.



I was filled with the Holy Spirit and His prayer language. I received total healing of my mind and body, and a closer walk with Christ. We bound all the demonic junk that was coming against me, including generational curses. Praise the Lord for all the things I was set free from! Thank you, Jesus! 



I would like to thank you for the giving of the flesh of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, and the anointing of oil. I thank you for the prayers and the laying on of hands. I felt the Holy Spirit in me arise and come forth, and the overwhelming emotion. May God bless you and all that you do in the lord Jesus Christ. 



I continue to be encouraged and receive direction and healing in my mind, body, and spirit. What a wonderful, loving team of prayer warriors!


I know that this is God! I have been filled with Him. I know that I am His child. I feel do much peace. My hip feels so much better.


Thank you Jesus for filling me with so much hope and encouragement, for lifting me up and reminding me to focus on You now and always. You have reminded me of who I am and Who I belong to, and that gives me power. I know I am hearing you clearly! Thank you, Jesus! 



God has delivered me, and receiving prayer from the Healing Room at Grace Ministries has given me peace and sleep at night. Thank you so much!


I am blessed to have such wonderful intercessors who lovingly pray for my life! They are ready and available to be used by God to encourage and strengthen the Body of Christ.


In late November I contracted COVID-19, which manifested in my body as extreme fatigue—I felt drained of energy, and it was difficult for me to function. This lasted for a few weeks. In December, I went to the Healing Room and received prayer for healing. I also received prayer at church the following day. The next day—Monday—I noticed a definite change in my energy level. As the week progressed, I could feel my energy level increasing, and it wasn’t long before I was able to resume my normal activities. I praise God for designing our bodies to heal, and I praise Jesus for being my Healer! 



I called Shirley several weeks ago and asked her what was wrong with my hip. She heard from God that I needed an alignment. It was cool to know what to get prayer for. So I asked for an alignment of my spine and Doctor Jesus aligned it!


Praise God for such a wonderful prayer team! I am so thankful to God for prayer warriors! As they prayed for me, I received instructions from God on how to handle the situations in my life. They also stood in the gap for me. My spirit is always lifted and I feel encouraged to walk out my faith.


I just received prayer for encouragement and a deeper relationship with God. I had a wonderful experience. The women were caring and encouraging. Everything was heartfelt and blessed. I am excited to see the fruit. 



I felt warm hands, the wings of angels on my body. The insight of the prayer partners was awesome. 



In this healing, He has not only begun to heal me physically, but also spiritually—and my family members for generations to come. Praise God! 



I visited the GMI Healing Room on October 19th because I needed spiritual healing. I was experiencing rejection and I was heavily burdened especially by my rebellious daughter, and also my niece who was depressed and heading down a destructive path. The first person I met in waiting area was Dana. He was very attentive and compassionate. When he prayed for me, I found myself on the floor under the power of God. When I got up, what was weighing me down had lifted off! After more prayer with the other prayer warriors, I went home filled with peace and joy. I continue to experience the presence of God to this day. It’s awesome! After a week I had a dream about someone I know falling, I called Dana, who prayed with me over the phone for him. He was recovering from a stroke, and his speech improved within days. Our God is awesome! Thank you prayer warriors of Grace Ministries.  



And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.  —1 John 5:15 KJV


Various areas of my back were causing me pain. Shirley and Patricia prayed for me. As they prayed and laid hands on me I could feel the pressure and tightness in my back release. As I walked around the sanctuary I could feel a difference in the level of my hips. Thank you the healing team and this opportunity to receive healing from them.


I was a little skeptical at first but that was soon because dashed with the atmosphere of love and acceptance that I felt. The healing prayer that I received was awesome. It gave me back some of the confidence that I had been lacking and built my faith back up which I had felt dry and unproductive. Now I feel refreshed in the Lord and feel his grace upon my life.


The moment I walked into the healing room I felt welcomed. I came with a load of heaviness on my shoulders as a result of life’s challenges. As you covered me in your prayers, the burdens began to lift. But more importantly, I received a deeper meaning of what Jesus has given us—newness of life and the freedom to walk in the finished work He has done on the cross for us all! I understand more clearly the heart of our Heavenly Father. May God continue to bless your growing ministry!


I came in barely able to hold the tears back. The pain both physically and mentally has been too much to bear. But now I feel amazing! Lightened! Free! Hopeful! The pain is truly gone. I still feel the tears but in a joyful way. Shirley and Leslie are so kind and gifted. I never thought I could be healed like this so quickly. I feel now I have a new family and support. Thank you God! Thank you Grace Ministries!  



To put into words would not be easy. What came to me to say is this: I was blessed immensely and will return.  



The peace of God beyond all understanding has filled my body and mind. I don’t often experience such a peace. Thank you, Jesus! The ladies that prayed for me are so amazing, so loving, so anointed. I’m so grateful to them, that they are so eager to serve our Lord and to bless those of us who need healing. I listened to “everything” these ladies prayed over me and I will put it into practice. Thank you all!  



Jesus has heard my fears and has taken the burden from my shoulders. He has reminded me that he is always there for me, all I have to do is believe. He has brought me peace and forgiveness in myself and others. 



Can only give testimony to the last time I was here. We prayed for my son Brian, who died (and revived) from a heroin overdose. He is doing awesome in rehab and has God on his side. Thank you.  



There is no doubt of the anointing on this Healing Room and those delivering words of love and peace. I have received words of encouragement, truth, and love; words I desperately needed. For this I am forever grateful.